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Cloud. Made in Blender


Explorations, Tanmoy Kayesen, human nails and metal nails on paper, 2020
Guardians Of Nim, Watercolor
[OC] Made this a while ago, but I just found this community. It took an overclocked
Float by me
Suprachoroidal haemorrhage following blunt trauma, me, coloured pencil, 2020.
Referenced sketch of @XowieJones
Prajnaparamita by Aeon Sophia Art
A book about acid rain I think? I'm not entirely sure
My first, hastily-done-because-I-was-nervous, piece of street art. Please remove
These sewer grates in the Netherlands have the name of the city on them! (Deventer,
Chandra, Flame's Catalyst by Greg Rutkowski [1131 × 1500]
Untitled, me, waercolor and graphite, 2020