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Capital by Richard Dorran [1920 x 1027]
“A Different Point Of View” - A print advertisement created by TBWA, Argentina
Illuna,Apex of Wishes by Justine Mara Andersen [898x1200]
It’s not called anything. Just finished editing
RSHTV-530-Aion-Hegemony by Yann-S
Advertising Video Billboard at Piccadilly Circus without the Ads as IR blocks the
March of Robots 2020 / Medevac by DOFRESH .
"George Floyd/ Justice Deferred," Me, oil on canvas/mixed media, 2020
Never done any spray paint/graffiti before but what better time to learn
Transport Walker by Hamish Frater
Spellpyre Phoenix by Svetlin Velinov [1389 x 1021]
Ramzee in Berlin