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Perseverance started moving


1988 French GP - Senna, Prost (McLaren MP4/4) [5354x3570]
Been getting into cooking more and more lately. Presentation not fully there but
Chimps laughing from being tickled is my new favorite thing
Landscape in Putna, Suceava county, România [4632 x 3474][OC]
Moody Sunrise in the Bavarian Alps, Germany [OC][1080x1350] IG @holysh0t
Lance Stroll Helmet - Aston Martin F1 [4096 x 2304]
Yuzu Soy Sauce Ramen from AFURI! Sorry for so many posts lately, but I’ve been
Chocolaté moelleux, Madagascan vanilla ice cream
Yellow Warbler (Photo credit to Gary Ladner)
La Digue island, Seychelles [5472x3648][oc]
炸酱面 - Zhajiangmian with homemade noodles
Marmaris, Turkey