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Caterpillar feets to cleanse your day


Anyone who appreciates a good lamb leg? Took 10 hours, stuffed with garlic and marinated
I've been trying to get this shot for four years...last week, everything finally
F40 in Verde Abetone
My entire life, my entire life, I’ve been waiting for this moment, I’ve been
Moon composite
Me and my dad are going to fix this 1966 ford f100 and I am new
Serenity. Kayaking in Lake Cresent, Olympic National Park, Washington. [OC] (3024x4032)
I thought you all might appreciate a picture of my dog that sits cross-legged
I attempted to groom my foster kittens as they look so much alike. It did not go
Gladiolus Flower
Mexican Ground Squirrels
Its World African Painted Dog Day! Time to celebrate!! (Photo by Dom Behr)