wallpapers.directory 1000m above sea level, Black Sea Region, Turkey. [OC] [4032*3024]

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1000m above sea level, Black Sea Region, Turkey. [OC] [4032*3024]


A year ago I haven't even heard of this place, now I am here thanks to Reddit. Cadlao
Some pretty neat clouds, South Dakota, USA, [OC] [1224x750]
Green snake at the Montreal biodome. [3024x4032]
Cherry blossom in Jeju Island, South Korea [4032x1960]
My favourite little face
Chasm Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park, CO [OC] [2448 x 3264]
Girl being welcomed back by her friends after returning to school with a prosthetic
[Homemade] Sushi night
Winter Beckons... (BMW M2)
Indian food - Biryani, Mutton rogan josh, Chicken curry, tadka dal, mutter mushroom,
I'm not into Starbucks, but I did think this was kinda cool... https://goo.gl/xKqZRM
Shoutout to the 13-year-old on a skateboard who called me a “candy corn bitch”