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My homemade indian food always just tastes like tomato sauce
Spectacular LIVE STREAM of Kīlauea East Rift eruption from a residence about a half
Photogenic Capybara [960x638]
Lesi passed away peacefully last night, he lived too a ripe age of 18!
S'mores Brownies with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.
My ex-girlfriend's father. I can't imagine how hard that was for him to say. Guy
The chaotic 'whale's mouth' preceding the downpour - Zion Crossroads, VA [5470×3077][OC]
A mother and three kits live behind my yard. The bravest of the three comes up on
Zeus just came in from Oahu this morning and after a 13 hour plane ride he was so
[I ate] honey and coffee caramel Stroopwafels