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[Pro/Chef] Sourdough


Sunset over the Pacific, New Years Eve. Short Beach, Tillamook, Oregon. [OC] [2918x2918]
After about the 5th “no, Dad! Like this!” it hit me...
[Homemade] Piet Mondrian Pound Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Lake Wakatipu - Kingston, New Zealand [1024 x 683] [OC]
True Colour Image of Venus [3500x3500]
This dog has the best smile I've ever seen!
Lightning and a peaking full moon, Palm Beach, FL [OC] (6553x4374)
Protective mother
he's doing the best he can
I built this myself.
She laughed when I said "Hold on! I need a picture for /r/steak!" but I
Got dumped, so I backpacked Hawaii for a month. Best decision ever. Kalalau Trail