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Step 1: Adopt /// Step 2: Cure /// Step 3: LOVE.


[Homemade] Old-Fashioned Donuts
On the road to Death Valley outside Beatty, NV [OC][1333x2000]
Gorgeous day for a hike.
A rolling fox gathers no moss
Mount St. Helens peaking above beautiful wildflowers and thick fog [OC] [1438x200]
My Margherita Progress Over the Last Six Months
Walking on Water at Plitviča Jazera in Croatia. [2000x1336][OC]
Toyota 2000GT
My 11 year old has started drawing fat, middle aged Batman at the beach and it's
It's not only us that appreciate the beauty of Autumn
Cats are affected by optical illusions like us
After finding out that at least six of Trump’s advisors, including Steve Bannon,