wallpapers.directory Gorgeous day for a hike.

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Gorgeous day for a hike.


Saturday night
The face my dog made when I took her picture
[Homemade] Old-Fashioned Donuts
On the road to Death Valley outside Beatty, NV [OC][1333x2000]
A rolling fox gathers no moss
Step 1: Adopt /// Step 2: Cure /// Step 3: LOVE.
Mount St. Helens peaking above beautiful wildflowers and thick fog [OC] [1438x200]
My Margherita Progress Over the Last Six Months
Walking on Water at Plitviča Jazera in Croatia. [2000x1336][OC]
Toyota 2000GT
My 11 year old has started drawing fat, middle aged Batman at the beach and it's
It's not only us that appreciate the beauty of Autumn