wallpapers.directory Smoky sunsets in Oregon [OC] [4000x6016]

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Smoky sunsets in Oregon [OC] [4000x6016]


Day to night time lapse. 5 hours of Earth's rotation. [OC] [1600x900]
[homemade] Malted Chocolate Cake with toasted marshmallow filling
Turns out you can do a hotpot while camping :)
A supercell thunderstorm descends over Severy, Kansas, at sunset [2048 x 1361]
My banana tree finally grew some bananas! [3024x4032] [OC]
Avatar Mountains - Zhangjiajie, China - Also known as inspiration for Pandora P.S
The sheep and the sea. Reiane, Norway [2166x1440][OC]
Forgiato C7 Corvette Widebody (1200x900)
[Homemade] 10 hour smoked brisket
My photo of Fjaðrárgljúfur was removed yesterday. Here is another version. [OC]
People of all ages love raccoons
My wife just sent me our baby announcement.