wallpapers.directory Crimea, Ukraine (1920x1080)

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Crimea, Ukraine (1920x1080)


This cute couple of raccoons
The freedom to vote on Reddit
An old favourite from 2013, when my wife and I visited Yosemite. I titled this one
Summer Lake in Jyvaskyla, Finland [OC] [2048x1356]
Pont-Audemer's water canals, Eure, France [2048x1365]
Garbage rider
I recently moved to Alaska from Texas. It's a bit different here. [OC] [1536x1920]
They sell assortment boxes at my local pizza joint!
[Homemade] Sushi plate I made with my SO.
UPS employee may have saved me $$$
Monarch butterfly takes a sip from a lantana flower, Auckland, New Zealand. [OC]