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abstract animal car fantasy food nature space
Fractal for your mouth 👄
3D Ducks pattern [1920 x 1200] MB3D
Fractal Art Done in Mandelbulb 3D by Redideo
Experimenting with unusual formats
My attempt at using fractals to create an old school scifi book cover image.
[OC] Just tried to plot some fractals
Arches III by Tatiana Plakhova
Still Frame from Fractal Animation I Lost My Patience on Rendering
Alien Temple [OC]
My second attempt at an edge-lit acrylic fractal. The possibilities are... endless
Towering Spire [OC]
Oblicous by FractKali [3020x1820]
Black Beauty by DeirdreReynolds [900x900]
Tried somethin out
Tomb of the Fractal Gods
Beautiful ABoxPlatinumB + Menger3 bulb - Mandelbulb 3D - 3072x2304
Rust formed on this old spool of wire in one of the coolest ways I've ever seen
Where Circles Meet [1440x1440] [OC]
My fractal art at a local coffee shop [OC]
The Edge Of Sanity [OC, Created with Apophysis]
Grooy Seahorse by z00reka [1920x1080]
Macro shot of cotton candy [1600x900] [OC]
Quarantine Cleaning - Day 7: Found this under my bed. 🤪 Fractal art created in