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Quarantine Cleaning - Day 10: Found this on the side of my house. 🤪 Fractal art
Mandelbrot meets Fibonacci
The Matrix Cave (mandelbulb v1.8.9)
The underside of a giant water lily
Made with a program I've been working on
Blooming flame by fractist [800x800]
Simon Beck creating gigantic pieces of art in the snow
Fractal Centaur?
Another Iteration [OC, Created with Apophysis]
Coral polyps by fractist [1280x720]
Found Me in the Cold [OC, Created with Apophysis]
Hive by dainbramage1
I downloaded Mandelbulb3d last week and have been tinkering with it non stop since
Day 6 of quarantine cleaning: I found this growing in the back of my closet. 🤪
IRL fractals visible in the growth pattern of an ammonite septum
Fractal cube structures
Oriental Blue 4K
i introduce toy you: mandelbruh
Klein wood, an unusual piece of wood we've found in the endless realm of FractalLand.