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Our Honeymoon trek earlier this month in Torres Del Paine - Chile [1080 × 1350]
Panorama Trail, Yosemite National Park [OC][3648×5472]
A long exposure in pitch black darkness reveals the moody side of Haukland beach
My first time ever visiting Yosemite was this fall [OC][1925x1540]
China is a truly underrated country in terms of natural beauty. This was taken in
I took this shot last year with a broken lens and bad techniques. Re-visited with
People said to stop with the Utah pictures, so here is Waimea Bay, Hawaii [OC] 4472X3578
Mount Hood, Mount Rainier, and St. Helens in the same picture🏔 [OC] [810x1080]
My first attempt at minimalism in my landscape photography at White Sand, NM [OC][1333x2000]
The Witch tree, running for European Tree of the year, the Netherlands [1080x1514]
French Fry Board
Friend told me my Tree from the Gods picture will be appreciated in Earth Porn. Vermont.
Starting my NY2019 Resolution Early by Taking More Pictures. Banff, Canada [OC] [2500x3750]
Oregon Coast. [3780x5102] [OC]
Clearing fog reveals vibrant wildflowers on a beautiful morning near Mount St. Helens,
The most beautiful sunrise I’ve photographed, Rocky Mountains, Colorado. [OC] [1280x1600]
Its alright to stand out in a crowd. The Enchantments, Washington [OC] [2275x2844]
Tranquility, Death Valley National Park [1080x1350][OC]
Reflecting in Yosemite [OC][3648×5472]
Rebooked my train ticket from Paris to be back home in the Netherlands earlier because
Layers for days at Mount Rainier National Park [1600x2000][OC]
The break of dawn in Yosemite National Park, California. [OC] (5000x4000)
Rare conditions finally lined up at Mt Baker for me to get a shot I've been envisioning
I caught a photo of 3 levels of mountain lakes while visiting Lofoten (Norway) [OC]