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Caught by a sunbeam


[OC] Gerrard’s Lookout, Queensland, Australia. [1536x1024]
Woke up at 5 AM to shoot this characteristic tree in foggy conditions, The Netherlands
I love the color of a Yunnan black. Especially from my favorite western style pot.
So Trump is claiming that he would have run into a school shooting without a weapon
Street Food in Old Delhi (photos)
Found this awesome teapot around town in Boulder. It reminds me of living in Colorado.
Local dog escaped and made his way to school
Plitvice Lakes Croatia [OC] 4288X2848 It took 3 days to finally get a slight break
Took this photo 10 years ago, just rediscovered it
Audi Quattro S1
Ponso, a chimp that has been living by himself on a tiny island for nearly three